Saturday, September 14, 2013

In preparation for my 30 day paleo challenge, I made breakfast 'muffins' I can freeze for a healthy on-the-go breakfast.  
Hi everyone!
My name is Caitlin. I've decided to start this blog to document my 30 day Paleo challenge that my gym is putting on :)
A little background on me, so you can understand more of who I am and where I am coming from..
First of all, I am not a writer.. I've always been envious of people with any sort of creative skill, so please realize I don't claim to be any sort of professional anything :)
I am a crossfitter. I'm not the best but I'm kind of obsessed. I love going to the gym and am always kind of sad when the weekend comes and I have a day off from the gym (although I know my body needs it). I'm very fortunate that my husband supports my obsession and listens to my constant gym stories. I am also very fortunate that my parents live in the same town as us and will watch my daughter while I go to the gym, and if not, my gym is amazing and allows you to bring your children and has a play area.
I started Crossfit a little over two years ago but took almost a year hiatus while I was pregnant and recuperating from a C-section. I've been back since March 2013 so I'm right at the 6 month mark and feeling pretty great.
My gym just started a competitors class that involves a lot more heavy lifting than a regular class to get you more 'competition ready'. My lifts are not very heavy at all right now but I have dreams of competing so this class is ideal for me. It's only been about two weeks and my body is feeling it, especially my shoulders and wrists. I'm sure these aches and pains have quite a lot to do with my diet. I make Paleo dinners for my family already but most certainly have not cut out grains during the rest of the day and I also have a very big sweet tooth.
Basically, this Paleo Challenge is coming at the perfect time. I do believe that it will make my joints feel better without all the refined sugar and any processed food going into my body.
Today we took measurements and before pictures at the gym and the challenge starts on Monday.
I'm really excited for my body to get cleaned out and to start feeling even better and to see any changes in my body!

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