Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 2!

brussel sprouts, bacon, and sausage. Success!
I'm trying to think of what to type and I'm afraid of just repeating myself everyday.. so I'll really try not to so I don't bore you!
I did good today, no cheating. I did go to Costco and get myself some fruit for my sweet tooth. I've eaten a bunch of pineapple and cantaloupe already :)
Dinner was delish. Tuesday's are one of my husbands later nights at work and I work out at the 6:45pm class now. I was planning on making spaghetti tonight but that is a lot more time consuming, especially making spaghetti squash for the noodles. So I decided to switch around the week a bit and do this 10ish minute meal because I didn't want us to end up eating at 10pm. I linked the recipe in the caption of the picture. I didn't have the zesty ranch the recipe called for so I just looked at the ingredients of the dressing and guessed and made my own. It still turned out really good! My hubby even liked it :)

My thumbs and shoulders are killing me from CF, I really hope the Paleo eating and fish oil works soon, otherwise I'll have to think of something else! 

Hoping its not too long before I'm done craving sweets!

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