Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 6

I know I'm getting to this a little later than usual, sorry! Last night Justin and I decided to go on a dinner date where I had two glasses of wine. When I got home I promptly fell asleep :)
So yes, I finally gave in and treated myself. I did however keep my dinner Paleo which I'm happy about. Then I had a few bites of dessert which I do regret. I'll go on a run today to balance out :)
I do believe in indulging every once in a while, what I regret is I've just been working really hard this last week and feel like I kind of ruined it. But today is a new day, I'm not going to dwell!
So yesterday I made this yummy pan seared cod with avocado salsa for lunch. It was really good!

Finished Product!
That salsa is so good. I LOVE cilantro and mixed with lime juice and spicy red pepper. It was just delicious. When I finished eating I had wished I had another fish fillet!

Since we didn't have dinner at home I don't have another recipe to post. I am really excited about tonight's dinner, so check back and I should be back on track posting after we eat dinner :)

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