Friday, September 27, 2013

11 & 12

Alright! So yesterday, I forgot to take any pictures of food. We had family over for dinner so I totally spaced it. I made sausage and peppers and a side of this cucumber salad. The sausage and peppers were sooo easy and sooo delicious. I used mild italian sausage, green pepper and yellow onion. The cucumber salad was ok.. a little to lemony. I think for the leftovers I'm going to try and put some honey in it and see if that will make it better.

Remember these breakfast muffins? Well I made another batch today.. before I had used coconut flour because its what I had. The batter was not batter at all and I had to work really hard to get all the flour wet even. Well I found out its obviously way drier and there's some sort of conversion to either use less flour or use an extra egg. Anyways, today I used almond flour and they turned out SO much better! I had assumed they were so dense because they are meant to be a breakfast and they still tasted good. But today they are actually muffins, nice and light and delicious..
They look a little different this time!

For dinner tonight, I didn't make what I had planned. I was too tired so I just made us gigantic chicken salads after I put Fin down for bed. YUM!

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