Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4

Bacon Stuffed Chicken is what was for dinner

Well, another day has come and gone!
Today's breakfast was more of the same, scrambled eggs with veggies and sausage. The sausage I've been using is this. I just get if from one of the health food stores in town.
I'm going to have to find some different recipe ideas in the next few days so we can have some diversity for breakfast.
Lunch we had leftover spaghetti from last night.
Snacks were these carrot banana muffins. They are great because I freeze them and just microwave when I want one. My daughter even loves them!
Dinner was the Bacon stuffed Chicken you see in the pictures. It was really good! The recipe is linked in the caption. Sorry the pictures aren't great, I was kind of in a hurry to get dinner on the table. For sides I made a regular salad with bell peppers, mushrooms and cucumber and I also steamed some Brussels Sprouts.
I really wanted a beer with dinner again and of course I'm craving dessert! I was looking up different dessert ideas and tomorrow I think I'm going to try this banana ice cream. I've had some bananas in the freezer for a while now that I hadn't decided what I wanted to do with. I'm excited to try it! I'll let you know what the family and I think too :)

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