Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 8

Week 2! This morning I finally made these egg muffins. I used the chicken maple sausage I've linked in another post, sweet onion, and yellow pepper. I ended up with a few more veggies and so I used 8 eggs and made 9 muffins instead of her 6. Next time I'll use more spices, I was in kind of a hurry this morning. I stuck a few in the freezer also to see how they would hold up and if they would be good if I stuck  them in the microwave.

For lunch I had leftover chili and avocado. I'm not gonna lie, that chili would be really great with some melted cheese and crunchy wheat thins. It was hard to resist!

And for dinner tonight we just made a simple steak salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Justin and I are craving sweets so I'm thinking I might find a Paleo sweets recipe just to satisfy the craving. Or maybe some super dark chocolate, I've heard of a lot of Paleo people do that.

My shoulders seem to be doing better in my workouts. It would be interesting to know if it is diet, fish oil, or just my body adjusting to the workouts. Or all 3. Either way, I'm happy and hope they keep getting better and that I keep getting stronger!
My family commented today that in the past week of eating Paleo, I look leaner. So that is a nice compliment! It must be working, and I do feel good!

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  1. Still going strong! I've never heard of egg muffins before, I'll have to look into that.