Friday, October 11, 2013

Not counting days anymore..

Last night we had these chicken fajitas. We have done them before, they are so so good. I also use the guacamole recipe that's linked in there. So simple and delicious.
It's almost like a treat though if you use butter lettuce because its so dang expensive.. but you could always use an alternative or make it into a salad or something. It says there should be leftovers but my husband and I ate it all :) Oh ya, and he wants credit because he cooked the chicken and veggies. Thanks honey!

This morning I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Also delicious! I need to be careful about recipes that include almond flour because almond flour is so high calorie. I've been trying to count calories this week since its the last few days of the challenge and since I screwed up last week on two meals (which I still feel is affecting me)
Anyways, I use an app called myfitnesspal. I really like it. Probably the best thing about it is you can enter in the ingredients to a recipe and find out how many calories, fat etc is in a serving. That is extremely helpful for me because I think it's so easy to be like, whatever.. this is a healthy meal, I'll just eat however much I want of it.. but with paleo you have to be really careful of the fat content because there's so much nuts, bacon, avocado, etc in every recipe it seems. My fitness pal will break it down into a pie chart for you and everyday I eat more fat than what is allotted to me and way less carbs, and way more protein. But I guess that's the paleo way right?

I can't believe its basically been a month with absolutely no dairy and no bread. Crap, I guess that's not true with my two screw ups. Okay but still.. 2 servings of bread basically in a month. That's crazy. I used to have a piece of toast every morning with breakfast, and a snack would regularly be toast with jelly. I don't know if it's because I'm so focused on this being the last few days and being strict on myself, but I'm not even craving bread or sugar or dairy. Definitely not dairy. I don't know what it is but it kind of grosses me out now, and I love cheese and yogurt!

I'm not sure when we are doing final measurements and weigh ins, I'm going to ask tonight at crossfit. I'm nervous. I have a feeling that nothing has changed.. I feel like my belly looks the same. I'm terrified it'll say my fat percentage went up.
I'm sure when this challenge is over I will still eat primarily paleo, and hopefully not feel guilty if I have a cheat day or something.
My shoulders feel so much better during workouts now, I'm sure a lot of that has to do with diet.
I also read on I think it was that it takes a full month of strict paleo for your body to really feel the difference. So I want to keep going and see what happens :)

What will I blog about after the challenge??

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