Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is this the end?..

Kinda but not really :)

Sunday was technically the last day of the Paleo Challenge. I am getting final weight and measurements tonight when I go in for class. I'm nervous anyways but its worse because our first measurements were in the morning and I'd barely eaten anything and today I go in at 6:45 pm. So ya, I'm nervous. I'm also happy the challenge is over but I don't really intend on changing my diet back to what it used to be. So it's been a few days since I've posted so here are some of the things I've been making..

I made the perfect hard boiled egg. Seriously, the were perfect. I made them for a salad but had a few left over for breakfast/snacks.

Also included avocado and bacon toppings. YUM!

One night for dinner I made chicken cacciatora. (Brussels Sprouts on the side) I have no idea what 'cacciatora' means, I just know this dish is yummy. I did a few things a little different. The day before I had bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco, its great for lunch and snacks or for quick salads. So I shredded that up and skipped the chicken cooking step. I also just used 1 can of tomatoes and not the tomato sauce because I just wanted it a little less tomato-ey. It was a very delicious dinner and there were plenty of leftovers for a few lunches.

At the moment I am letting some of this delicious granola cool. This time I didn't burn it! It looks nice and crispy brown, I can't wait to have a bowl!

And for fun, here is a picture of my gorgeous daughter with a mustache from my before gym shake I make. Now that she's figured out how good it is she follows me around saying and signing 'Please! Please! Please!!'
My shake consists of about 1/4c frozen berries, 1 banana or apple (whatever I have), and about 1c almond milk. I drink this about an hour before I go to the gym to give my body the carbs it needs for working out.

I'll let you know how the weigh in goes!

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